TrumpDeskA parser for Trump's blog: Trump Desk.msglm5 months
comedyGeneratorIfunny API scrapper for downloading videos and gifs.msglm5 months
dallegenA tool for using dalle-mini via the cli.msglm5 months
ddg-image-grabberScrapes images off duckduckgo image search urlsmsglm5 months
dilbertRssA FastAPI RSS feed generator for the dilbert comic strip.msglm3 months
indeedwatcherScrapes indeed for job listings then downloads and formats them for youmsglm11 days
msglm-dotfilesMy personal bash scripts and configs.msglm4 months
school-codeAll my code of interest from my high school and college days.msglm5 months
sneedA TOML-based, automatic farm generator.msglm3 months
stealIfunnycomedyGenerator's inferior beta version.msglm5 months
swinIR_APIAllows you to send images to to be ...msglm5 months