TrumpDeskA parser for Trump's blog: Trump Desk.msglm8 months
comedyGeneratorIfunny API scrapper for downloading videos and gifs.msglm8 months
dallegenA tool for using dalle-mini via the cli.msglm9 months
ddg-image-grabberScrapes images off duckduckgo image search urlsmsglm9 months
dilbertRssA FastAPI RSS feed generator for the dilbert comic strip.msglm7 months
guix-msglmCustom guix repo for software I want on my systemmsglm5 weeks
indeedgetterSoftware to archive a specific job posting to a file names 'url'msglm
indeedwatcherScrapes indeed for job listings then downloads and formats them for youmsglm4 months
msglm-dotfilesMy personal bash scripts and configs.msglm8 months
school-codeAll my code of interest from my high school and college days.msglm8 months
sneedA TOML-based, automatic farm generator.msglm6 months
stashleyA program using TOML files to archive personalities to IPFSmsglm5 weeks
stealIfunnycomedyGenerator's inferior beta version.msglm9 months
swinIR_APIAllows you to send images to to be ...msglm8 months
yousaythisA program for making videos and images to quote people withmsglm2 months