TrumpDeskA parser for Trump's blog: Trump Desk.msglm16 months
comedyGeneratorIfunny API scrapper for downloading videos and gifs.msglm12 days
dallegenA tool for using dalle-mini via the cli.msglm16 months
ddg-image-grabberScrapes images off duckduckgo image search urlsmsglm16 months
dilbertRssA FastAPI RSS feed generator for the dilbert comic strip.msglm15 months
guix-msglmCustom guix repo for software I want on my system.msglm8 hours
indeedgetterSoftware to archive a specific job posting to a file names 'url'msglm
indeedwatcherScrapes indeed for job listings then downloads and formats them for youmsglm12 months
ipfs-archive-managerA tool that manages IPFS archives on your behalf.msglm8 months
matterbridge-msglmA fork of matterbridge with some patches.msglm7 months
mbsync-notifyShort script for notifying users of mbsync of new emails.msglm3 months
msglm-dotfilesMy personal bash scripts and configs.msglm15 months
school-codeAll my code of interest from my high school and college days.msglm16 months
sneedA TOML-based, automatic farm generator.msglm14 months
sortunsortedA program for manually sorting the unsorted folder in your Videos foldermsglm8 months
stashleyA program using TOML files to archive personalities to IPFSmsglm7 weeks
stealIfunnycomedyGenerator's inferior beta version.msglm16 months
swinIR_APIAllows you to send images to to be ...msglm16 months
yousaythisA program for making videos and images to quote people withmsglm10 months